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Bosch AdvancedVac 20 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (240V)



A robust, powerful and versatile machine with a 20 litre collection tank, the AdvancedVac 20 is a one stop solution which is perfect for heavy duty DIY use as well as household and garden applications.

A wet & dry machine - meaning it is suitable for sucking up liquids as well as dry debris - the AdvancedVac 20 has a built in cartridge filter which enables it to be used for either type without having to swap out the filter first. The spacious 20 litre tank enables large volumes of liquid waste to be collected and easily emptied via a drain valve, meaning there is no need to lift heavy components for waste disposal. The AdvancedVac is just as capable at general household vacuuming, and its 1200w motor provides 300 air watts of suction power for excellent dust and debris pick up. A selection of tools are provided for general cleaning tasks, including a floor nozzle, crevice nozzle and brush & rubber lip inserts.

An ideal workshop vac or accessory for home improvement tasks, the AdvancedVac 20 is supplied with a universal adaptor which enables the hose to be connected directly to the dust extraction ports of Bosch DIY power tools. Additionally, it is equipped with a power take off socket - this enables you to plug the power cable of an electric power tool into the vacuum, whereby it will automatically start and stop in sync with the attached machine. As well as its robust suction capabilities for tidying up your work area afterwards, the AdvancedVac also provides an added blower functionality. Ideal for quickly clearing sawdust, swarf or other debris, this also lets you use the machine as a leaf blower for garden maintenance tasks.


- Automatic remote switch on facility for synchronised use with power tools
- Wet & dry suction capabilties for liquids and dry debris
- Blower function
- Drain valve for easy disposal of liquid waste
- Antistatic hose for minimising electrical discharge
- Onboard accessory storage for easy transport and storage
- Wheels and integrated carry handle for mobility
- Crevice nozzle and 2.2 metre long hose for access in hard to reach areas
- Built in cartridge filter facilitates wet or dry extraction without having to change the filter

- Suction power: 300 Air watts
- Power input: 1200w
- Max airflow (at blower): 70 l/s
- Max ventilating pressure (at blower): 260 mbar
- Container volume: 20 litres
- Machine weight: 7.6 kg

Supplied complete with

- AdvancedVac 20 Wet & Dry Vacuum
- Floor nozzle (2 609 256 F21)
- Brush insert (2 609 256 F22)
- Rubber lip insert (2 609 256 F24)
- Crevice nozzle (2 609 256 F26)
- 2 extraction pipes, 0.5 m each, 35 mm (2 609 256 F27)
- Extraction adaptor (2 609 256 F28)
- 2.2 metre antistatic hose, 35 mm (2 609 256 F30)
- Handle (2 609 256 F31)
- Paper filter bag (2 609 256 F33)
- Filter (2 609 256 F35)
- Pre filter (2 609 256 F41)

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