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Everbuild Constructa-PRO Multi Purpose Adhesive Foam - 750ml



Everbuild Constructa-PRO is a fast curing high strength adhesive foam designed for use in a multitude of building applications. Constructa-Pro adheres well to most common building materials including stone, concrete blocks, brick, wood, plasterboard, insulation board, metal and much more. Once cured, it is also rot-proof, and moisture and temperature resistant from -40C to +80C.


- Time saving over conventional building methods.
- High adhesive strength in just 5 minutes.
- Ready to use straight away - requires no mixing or water before applying, and leaves no mess or dust after use.
- Light and easy to use.
- Multi Purpose: Works on solid walls, and most other standard building materials.

- For fixing Plasterboard to solid walls.
- For fixing Plasterboard to metal and timber stud walls and battens.
- Bonding insulation boards to most substrates.
- Mortar substitute for building rough garden walls and planters.
- Bonds to: Masonry, Concrete, Plaster , Timber, Metal, Insulation boards, polystyrene, Polyurethane, Bitumen, Asphalt and much more.

- Adhesive Type: Polyurethane
- Colour: Grey
- Reaction Basis: Moisture curing
- Adhesion Time @ 23C / 50%RH: 5 mins
- Min / ideal / max application temperature (product/surface/environment):+5C / +20C / +30C
- Curing @ 23C / 50%RH: 2-4 hours
- Working temperature range (cured product): -40C to +80C
- Yield (30mm bead / 750ml can): Up to 50 m

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