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Everbuild HAND01 Hand Armour - Multi-Use Barrier Cream



Hand Armour is a smooth barrier cream, perfect for protecting exposed skin against any wet or dry contaminants. It has been designed to help stop the skin absorbing harmful substances and to protect hands against abrasion after all, they are your most important tools!


- Proven effective formulation in wet and dry
- Non greasy
- It can protect skin on elbows , knees etc. not just hands
- No perfume

Limitations: 
- HAND ARMOUR is not a replacement where gloves are recommended for use with products.
- HAND ARMOUR is an extra layer of protection.
- Where physical risks are presented such as cuts gloves should be worn.  Not to be taken internally.
- When handling chemical products always read hazard information and follow instructions on personal protective equipment (PPE). 
- Avoid contact with eyes and damaged skin. 
- Store only in original container 
- It is the users responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt contact technical services department for advice.

- Colour: White
- Pack Size: 100ml

In Stock - Unless otherwise noted in the product description


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