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Concept 4.2 x 45mm KTX Torpedo Bronze External Professional Collated Woodscrews (Box of 1000)



The KTX Torpedo Professional Collated Woodscrews combine all the benefits of KTX professional woodscrews into collated woodscrews for internal and external use. The screws are the best professional collated woodscrews available today and offer some unique benefits over the competition not least of which are a stick fit in the head of the screw, a capability to handle various screw bit types and a free extended KTX bit in every box.

The screws incorporate the patented Torpedo thread that allows fast penetration into any wood type including hardwoods with very limited splitting and reduced power required to fit. The use of collated screws as opposed to loose screws is to greatly speed up the fitting process and so save time and in so doing save money.

The external screws have a bronze 2000 hour salt spray coating that gives them very long life in timber and more than double most other external screws. The sizes of 4.2 x 45, 50 and 55mm make the screws suitable for fencing, decking and other external timber construction.


Benefits and Features of KTX Collated Screws
- A stick fit head with good Pozi , KTX and square drive bits so there is no rimming out or wobbling and that all the torque and rpm applied by the power tool go directly to the screw.
- An extremely high manufacturing quality that means that the screws do not snap or break and even allows drilling down into hardwood without the head coming off.
- Suitability to use the screws with various bits that means that no matter what bit you have you should always be able to use KTX.
- Quality that means the screws require up to 50% less energy than other screws so making fixing easier and saving the batteries on the power tool to enable even more fixing on a battery charge.
- Perhaps most importantly, having such a good collated woodscrew means that for whatever task there is significant time saving so representing a significant cost saving for users.

- Finish: Bronze
- Size: 4.2 x 45mm
- Quantity: Box of 1000

Supplied complete with

- A FREE Extended screw bit worth 5.00

In Stock - Unless otherwise noted in the product description


(£22.79 ex VAT)