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Bosch GOP 40-30 240V 400W Starlock Multi Cutter in LBOXX



With the 400W of power you'll be able to undertake all the different applications you need to on a daily basis.The GOP 40-30 Professional Multi-Cutter features LED light for greater visibility of the cutting edge under challenging conditions and amplitude of 2 x 1.5(3.0) for fast and efficient work progress. The multi-cutter has 3 D blade interface that provides the highest work progress due to 100% power transmission. It also features snap in accessory attachment for hands-free accessory changes and soft grip to make it comfortable to use.

Starlock system. Fast. Direct. Strong. Benefits of the system are the snap-in function allows accessory changes within seconds, there is a versatile range and a safety feature: no need to touch a hot blade. For quick keyless accessory changes there is a lever to release the blade and just connect the other one by click in.The 3D fixing makes the work progress faster and it is backwards compatible to OIS. The GOP 40-30 will fit Starlock & Starlock Plus blades. This makes it a perfect tool for surface renovation, fitting new flooring under door frames, adjustments and cut outs for utility boxes and for plunge cuts in solid wood.


- Starlock - extensive range of accessories.
- Safety - keyless accessory change.
- Wide range of uses - variable speed.
- 400W motor.
- LED light for enhanced visibility.

- Power input: 400W
- Oscillating amplitude: 3.0(2 x 1.5)
- Oscillation: 8,000 20,000opm
- Grip circumference: 175mm
- Tool length: 284mm
- Voltage: 240 volts

Supplied complete with

- GOP 40-30,
- Carbide-RIFF segment saw blade
- Segment saw blade
- 6 x Plunge cut saw blades,
- 2 x Sanding plates
- 5 x Sanding sheets (2 x 80 grit, 2 x 120 grit and 1 x 240 grit)
- L-Boxx.

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