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Meaco 50Lm Building Dryer



The new Meaco 50Lm building dryer is a commercial dehumidifier designed for use in demanding applications where a stronger dehumidifier is required to reduce the moisture content of the air in order to reduce the relative humidity of a space and to dry either the fabric of a building or goods being stored.


- Metal building dryer for commercial drying applications
- 50 litres per day at 30°C and 80%rh
- Stackable to save on storage space
- Only 680mm high
- Built in pump for convenient drainage

The Meaco 50Lm uses a rotary compressor to increase effeciency and will extract up to 50 litres of water per day depending on the room temperature and relative humidity. This water is extracted via an internal pump which will lift the water away up to 3 metres - very useful in basements and below ground applications. The hose used is a normal garden hose type with a standard push on connector which means replacement is simple and straigtforward should it become damaged or if a longer length is required. Servicing is also straightforward as all parts are easy to access and the pump can be reached via a dropdown door.

Why the Meaco 50L is the right building dryer for you

- Robust metal casing
- Fold down handles
- Reinforced axial for extra strength
- Unique rotary controls, very simple to use
- Standard ‘garden hose’ connector for continuous drainage
- Easy access 3m lift pump for faster servicing
- Non-resettable hour counter
- Hot gas defrost for low temperature use
- Stackable two high
- Built in pump with 3 metre lift

Users of building dryers want something that is easy to set up in seconds and this is achieved thanks to the Meaco rotary control panel with simple to use controls for setting the drying mode and purging the pump before moving the dehumidifier. The control panel also includes an no-resettable hour counter making the Meaco 50Lm great for hire shops.
Two more features that hire shops will like are the drop down handles and the two high stacking ability which saves on spaces in storage.
The Meaco 50Lm Building Dryer can be used in a variety of applications to dry spaces out after a flood or fire, building restoration, product storage or commercial applications.

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