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Hyundai DHY28KSE 28kVA 230/400V 1500rpm Three Phase Diesel Generator



The DHY28KSEm is a single phase diesel generator which has a maximum output of 28kVA/29kW. It is a powerful choice of diesel generator for both emergency standby backup, just like it's three-phase twin model the DHY28KSE. However, it can also be used as the sole supply of power if required and can be run daily without failure due to it's increased lifespan. Inside the rigged, weather-proof canopy, there is a four cylinder, 4-stroke water- cooled, diesel engine which runs at very low rate of the revs.

Featuring the slow running Hyundai 1500rpm engine which typically runs at half the rate of any normal diesel generator to better effect the lifespan and the economy during operation. The low-maintenance brushless AVR alternator provides a constant supply of smooth voltage waveform, meaning that any medium to large household or business that require a large amount of power will benefit from reliable and clean electricity to keep the lights on when they need it. The exterior housing is designed to keep ambient noise levels as low as possible as well as protecting the internals from the worst of the weather.

The digital control panel gives the operator total control over several variables, showing heads up operating parameters. The skidebase of the machine houses a 93 litre fuel tank as well as providing forklift holes for aiding transport and placement. Lifting eyelet lugs on the roof of the machine are also provided for lifting.

The DHY28KSEm comes ATS compatible, so can be connected to mains supply and an automatic transfer switch for a hassle-free experience during power failures.


The DHY28KSE is protected by a hard wearing external canopy, which protects the generator from the very worst of British weather. As well as this, this external canopy keeps noise levels to an absolute minimum, allowing the generator to have an incredibly low noise level of 28db at 7m.

Control of the generator is provided by the ComAP MRS 10 Control panel. Proving the operator with control over several variables as well as providing details on several operating parameters

- Rated Power (kw/kVA) 20/25
- Max Power (kw/kVA): 22/28
- Frequency (Hz): 50
- Voltage (v): 230/400
- Current (A): 36
- Controller: IL-NT MRS10
- ATS Port: Included
- Battery (Ah): 1X12V-60Ah
- Fuel Tank Capacity (l): 93
- Cooling Fluid Volume (l): 10
- Fuel Consumption (l/hr 50/100% load): 4.5/7.7
- Running Time (hr 50/100% load): 21/12
- Noise Level (dB @ 7m): 68
- Engine Model HY4100
- Power Output (kw/1500rpm): 27
- Rotate Speed (rpm): 1500
- Speed Regulation: Mechanical
- Starting Method: Electric
- Displacement (cc): 3298
- Oil Capacity (l): 15
- Alternator: 184F
- Power Factor (Cosφ): 0.8
-Voltage Regulation: AVR / Brushless
- Low Oil Pressure: Yes
- Block on Start Up: Yes
- Low Battery: Yes
- High Temperature on Water: Yes
- Low Oil Level: Yes
-Low Running on Engine: Yes
- Emergency Stop: Yes
- Weight (kg): 880
- Dimensions (mm): 2200 x 950 x 1300

Supplied complete with

- 2 Year Standard Hyundai Domestic Warranty

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