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Ladder Safety Devices CA101 Crows Nest with Ankalad Stabiliser



The LSD Crows Nest is a one man working platform 500mm x 600mm fully enclosed on all four sides by handrails, chains and with 270 toe-boards. It will fit onto any ladder and is locked onto the top and third rungs by thumbscrews.


The telescopic strut caters for any change in the angle of the ladder. An adjustable, telescopic wheeled spreader bar slides away when not in use. It provides considerable resistance to sideways slip and helps to roll the platform up the wall.

The LSD Crows Nest is supplied with Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser. It is the ideal platform for work which is of longer duration than that allowed on a ladder alone.

- Fits any ladder
- Very lightweight (12kg)
- Packs flat
- 600 x 500mm platform
- Adjustable width spreader bar
- 360 degree guardrails
- 270 degree toe-boards
- Fully stabilised with Ankalad

Supplied complete with

- Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser
- Three year manufacturers warranty

In Stock - Unless otherwise noted in the product description


(£385 ex VAT)