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Ladder Safety Devices HL325 5.3m 3-Section Hunter Ladder with built in Stabilisers and Levellers



Every Hunter Ladder is fitted with an integral leveller. This will enable the ladder to be set up on a slope of 16º - the steepest slope permitted by the HSE.

Adjustment is achieved very quickly by positioning the ladder, removing one of the locking pins, allowing the ladder to level itself, replacing the pin in the nearest visible hole (which is never more than 1.5mm away) and turning the pin to lock it.


LEVELLER - Every HUNTER Ladder is fitted with an integral leveller in both of its stiles, each one capable of providing an adjustment of 125mm (5”) in increments of 3mm (1⁄8”). This will enable the ladder to be set up on a slope of 16 degrees – the steepest slope permitted by the HSE.

BASE SLIP - The adjustable leveller sections have moulded feet which are made of specially formulated rubber designed to provide a very high level of grip on any substrate giving a level of resistance to base slip which complies with the HSE requirements and far exceeds that provided by standard ladder feet.

RESISTANCE TO SIDE SLIP AND FLIP - Every HUNTER Ladder has on each side a one metre long stabilising bar which is clamped on below the bottom rung and hinges down to the ground. A telescopic strut which is attached at each arms centre point has 30 possible locking positions in increments of 12mm, to cater for uneven ground. These arms provide excellent lateral stability and complete resistance to “flip”.

TOP SLIDE SLIP - At the top of every HUNTER Ladder is a pair of wheels which are clamped to the ladder stiles. The rubber used in the “tyres” is of a special formulation which provides excellent grip on any substrate and gives excellent resistance to Top Side Slip. These wheels are also invaluable when running a ladder up a wall

- Number of Sections: 3
- Closed Height: 2.40m
- Open Height: 5.30m
- Number of rungs: 8
- Weight: 22kg

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(£248.43 ex VAT)