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Sealey C/TRONIC12 12V Battery Charger Electronic 6Amp (230V)



Intelligent charge control on this charger makes it perfect for long term maintenance of batteries on irregularly or seasonally-used vehicles. Suitable for lead acid (wet or gel) or low maintenance batteries, this charger reacts continuously to battery condition and delivers whatever charge rate is required.


- An LED display confirms the state of charge
- This electronic charger can be connected to a battery for an indefinite period - the intelligent circuitry maintains the battery’s level of charge at its optimum level
- Made in the EU
- Amps Output 6V Peak(EN): -
- Amps Output 12V Peak(EN): 6A(4A)
- Amps Output 24V Peak(EN): -
- Minimum Battery Capacity: 40Ah
- Volts Input: 230V
- Amps Input: 0.4A
- Charging Rates: 1
- Fuse Rating: 15A
- Fuse: 120/802256 (Pack of 10)

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