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Rawlplug M12 x 95mm Glass Capsule - Epoxy Acrylate - Resin Anchor (Pack of 10)



For use with resin studs.

Drill into the wall/concrete etc.. clean out hole and insert capsule. spin in stud using setting tool in a hammer drill and allow to cure. Item being fixed can then be placed over stud, fit the nut & washer and tighten. Job done!


Drill a 13mm hole in the wall/concrete etc.

Setting Times

Base Material Temperature - Curing Time Dry - Curing Time Wet
20 degrees C - D 30 mins - W 1 hour
11-20 degrees C - D 1 hour - W 2 hours
6-10 degrees C - D 3 hours - W 6 hours
1-5 degrees C - D 6 hours - W 12 hours
-5-0 degrees C - D 15 hours - W 30 hours

Supplied complete with

Boxed in 10's

Ideal for:
Safety critical applications into concrete, hard stone & situations where the lack of expansion stress is essential (ie. close to the edge fixings)
Examples include stuctural connections to columns and beams, holding down bolts for light structures, machinery, pumps, fans etc.

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