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Everbuild DRYFIX7 PinkGrip DRYFIX Dual Flow Fast Cure Drywall Adhesive 750ml



If you have been in the trade for some time then it is likely that you will have heard of (and probably used) Everbuild’s revolutionary Dry Wall Adhesive Pinkgrip Dry Fix. Since its launch the product’s high speed application and instant bonding properties have seen it become a huge hit with Tradesmen. Now the product is even better after being fitted with a new innovative ‘Dual Flow’ applicator system and securing a B2 Fire Rating.


- 30% faster
- board only needs holding in position for 60 seconds!
- plaster in just 60 minutes!
- no mixing
- no water
- no dust
- no buckets
- no heavy bags
- bond 5 standard size boards per 750ml can
- can be applied to wall or board
- timed delay prevents expansion once positioned
- helps reduce cold bridging
- no screws, filling over or popping out
Bonds to
Sold walls, metal & timber studding...
Masonry, concrete, plaster, timber, metal, insulation boards, polystyrene, polurethane, bitumens...
In response to customer demand Pinkgrip Dry Fix has been put through stringent testing to be classified as B2 Fire Rated so Everbuild are now able to offer it as an FR grade of product. This means that when Pinkgrip Dry Fix FR is applied the user can be sure that the area is fire retardant on completion. In addition, Pinkgrip Dry Fix FR now comes in a ‘Dual Flow’ container with a special thread which allows the product to be applied either using the conventional Dry Fix Applicator Gun or by the nozzle attached to the tin for Hand Held Application giving the user more options for ease of application.

These two new tweaks enhance Pinkgrip Dry Fix FR without affecting its usability so the product still has all the same great benefits: it is ready to use, it has a high speed application, it bonds instantly and it can be used on most common building substrates. When compared to other, messier dry wall powder adhesives, Pinkgrip Dry Fix FR allows plastering to be carried out after only one hour without compromising on performance.

The new formula Pinkgrip Dry Fix FR is available in a 750ml canister and comes in a box suitable for display. A Pinkgrip Dry Fix Applicator Gun is also available from Everbuild – please contact your local sales rep for more information or see the Everbuild website at

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