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Rhino CH3 Ceramic Heater (110V)



Compact infa-red ceramic heater ideal for office or workshop use where instant heat is required. Ideal for localised heating.


- 2x 1400W ceramic heater elements
- 2x heat settings
- LED power indicator
- can be wall mounted or suspended
- sturdy frame & carry handle
- fitted with a 32Amp plug

This item is temporarily OUT OF STOCK and will be available from 19/09/2018

Please Note - it is not advisable to use 110V heaters such as this model on a normal transformer. For best results use a continuous rating transformer such as the Birchwood 3kVA twin outlet transformer in the accessories list below.

Please Note - we will not accept the return of heaters after they have been tested, tried or used in any way. We offer a specification service whereby we will help you select the correct heater for your use when you supply the details of the space you wish to heat.

Guidance Notes on Purchasing Heater

In order to find out which heater you need, you will need to know
1) The volume of the space you are heating (cubic meters)
2) The rise in temperature needed (degrees Celsius)
3) How well the room is insulated

Please follow this formula to find what heater will suit your needs

1) Calculate the volume of the space you wish to heat
Volume (cubic meter) = Width (m) x length (m) x height (m)
(E.g. A single garage 3m wide x 5m long x 2.5m high = 37.5 cubic meters

2) Multiply this by the rise in temperature required
(E.g A single garage where a 10 degrees Celsius rise is required 37.5 x 10 = 375)

3) If there is no insulation multiply by 3.5
If there is only light insulation multiply by 2.5
If there is medium insulation multiply by 1.5
If there is high insulation multiply by 0.5

To then get a result in BTU multiply this result by 4

(E.g A single garage with no insulation would mean a calculation of 375 x 3.5 = 1312.50
This then multiplied by 4 is 1312.50 x 4 = 5250 BTU)

If you would like the figure in kilowatts divide the result by 3412 1 watt is the same as 3.4
(E.g. 5250/3412 = 1.5 kW)

Please note these are only approximate figures, we recommend that customers consult a heating engineer before buying large amounts of heating equipment.

In Stock - Unless otherwise noted in the product description