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ITW Spit C-Mix Styrene Free Polyester Resin Injection System - 380ml



CMIX versatile universal resin injection system.

Drill into the wall/concrete suitable for the size stud... clean out hole and inject resin. Insert stud by rotating it into the hole and allow to cure. Item being fixed can then be placed over stud, fit the nut & washer and tighten. Job done!


- styrene free
- short setting time
- adapted to hollow materials
- Socotec approval
- M6-M16 stud applications
- self UV protected cartridge for better conservation
- sealed bottom prevents leakage / residue
- improved viscosity best adapted to Satelis product range
- 10:1 resign system, catalytic hardener

Supplied complete with

- mixer nozzle

Ideal for:
Safety critical applications into concrete, hard stone & situations where the lack of expansion stress is essential (ie. close to the edge fixings).
Examples include stuctural connections to columns and beams, holding down bolts for light structures, machinery, pumps, fans etc where the substrate may be porous. Typically used for security shuttering, heating applications, sign fitting etc.

(C MIX, C-MIX, CMIX150) Sealed cases of 10 cartridges available.

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